Filter Technology        

  Clean Stream


The filtration of liquids on vehicles is an important contribution to the service life and availability, especially regarding the drive train. Our filters with mesh sizes <50µm are made entirely of polyamide and are therefore extremely resistant to a wide variety of media. The main area of application for our filters is the vehicle cooling circuit for the air conditioning system. The filter fabric is injected into the filter-housing-tool in the injection molding process and is completely and tightly enclosed at the filter fabric edges. This process is a USP of KieHol GmbH.


  Big Spender

The USP of the molding process of the filter components relies on the "Big Spender" filter dispenser developed by Oswald Kienbacher GmbH. 


This fully automated unit prepares the filter fabric with several cavities until it is inserted into the injection mold, cuts them to length and inserts them into the mold simultaneously and precisely. Within seconds, the filter housing is shaped and removed from the injection mold fully automated. To ensure the quality of the filter for 100%, each individual filter is optically checked for the flawlessness of the fabric surfaces in a separate test unit after the injection molding process.