Function Integration

Parts with intelligence and modules that take over multiple tasks, which can be tracked using RFID tags. The modules protect against electromagnetic radiation, heat and crashes. The parts come out of the mold with a finished surface, painted or grained, they conduct electricity and heat ... we can also cool! > more


Designing products is an art and made by artists. Some think complicated and achieve their goal, we think as comprehensively as possible and therefore come up with simple solutions to accomplish complex tasks. > more 

  Lightweight with Standards

Automotive lightweight construction is currently based on the use of aluminum and carbon fiber. We follow the path with high-strength steel sheets and pipes covered with the lightest PU foam. The coated components do not require a surface coating and are also very energy-efficient from this perspective. > more

  Hybrids IM-RIM-Metal

We perceive hybrid components as mixed components that are precisely matched to the functional specifications. Injection molded parts (IM) are used in conjunction with rigid PU foam parts (RIM), reinforced and supplemented by metal components or technical woods. However, RIM foams with different densities (0.4 to 1.1 g / cm³) can also be combined.

> more


  Filter Technology

Each liquid needs a filter, so that the supplied components, whether for cooling or lubrication, function smoothly. Above all, the air conditioning systems of vehicles require the highest levels of purity for their compressors in the entire compression range. With our indestructible polyamide fabrics, filtration in the µ range is possible. > more


  Perfect Surfaces

Whether injection molding (IM) or reaction injection molding (RIM), perfect surfaces coming directly from the molding process, we are capable of it. Efficient shaping, without further treatment such as painting or coating, drives us to be able to manufacture sustainable products with the lowest energy consumption. > more

  Silicone | Elastomer

We merge our experience in the areas of LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubber) -, HTV (High temperature vulcanized Rubber) - and rubber processing. The combination of automation in series production and the knowledge of the special features in tool production for silicones and elastomers gives our customers the certainty that they will find and implement the best solution for each product. > more