Perfect Surfaces  

  Like a mirror


Paintings on body parts are time, energy and material consuming. Yet one thing above all: expensive. External components in RIM (PU rigid foam) are extremely durable and can be painted in the mold at the beginning of the foaming process.


This process, called IMC or IMP (IN-MOLD-COATING, IN-MOLD-PAINTING), enables brilliant surfaces. In other words, the components are finished when they come out of the mold.


Every color that can be produced by painting can also be represented by IMC / IMP.



  Like a piano


Injection molded parts with piano surfaces. Especially with super sports cars, an excellent surface inside and outside is a basic requirement to survive the competition of the brands.


 With us as a partner, a mirror-smooth, etched or laser-grained component surface is possible directly from the injection molding cavity. The coating can be omitted. But if this is not yet enough, we also supply parts coated with real leather or with Alcantara.