Hybrids IM-RIM-Metal  

  Standard Cabine

The standard cab is a suitable cabin concept for tractors, construction machinery, cranes, hay lifters, road vehicles and any mobile concept that requires protection for the driver or the occupants.

The standard cab consists of individual elements made of RIM-coated (PU hard foam) round or rectangular tubes (steel or aluminum) which are glued together. The pipes are formed by means of bending, no complex pressing tools are necessary. Cable ducts are either molded into the elements or the cable harnesses are directly foamed in. Both methods do not require any further fastening of the lines. By varying the length of the individual components, cabin families can be created that do not require additional molding tools. Even the cross-customer use of tools is possible without losing the individuality of the cabins.


  Battery Protection

Battery systems for electromobility require housings that meet the highest possible safety requirements in order to protect vehicle occupants in case of damage or a crash. Kiehol GmbH systems have as the first safety barrier around the battery cells, a plastic injection-molded casing with a high ferrite and fiberglass content to ensure the first EMC level and the first thermal protection.
Part of the cooling system for the battery cells is integrated in this injection-molded casing, and a second part consists of a metal or foil plate. As a second barrier and as outer housing, a polyurethane foam encased housing serves as EMV protection, but much more for crash safety. All individual parts are foamed and sealed together in a RIM (Reaction Injection Molding) process.